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Louisiana’s capacity for national data centers is bolstered by Cleco’s resilient and reliable power grid, supporting a thriving data center industry with six development-ready sites across the state. Beyond typical power sources, the Cleco service territory emphasizes clean and green energy with carbon-sequestering initiatives and new solar power facilities.

Additionally, Louisiana boasts the No. 1 tech talent pipeline in the U.S., with several colleges and universities offering robust cybersecurity programs. Overall, the technology sector has a $5.3 billion direct impact on the state’s economy, with an estimated 4,300 tech businesses creating a strong foundation for future industry growth.

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9 Regulated Generating Units With a Total Rated Capacity of 3,035 MW Serving Approximately 290,000 Customers Cleco, 2024
4,200-Panel Solar Energy Field Across six acres at University of Louisiana at Lafayette University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2022
#11 State For successfully growing and doing business Area Development, 2023
23,000 Skilled Information Technology Professionals in Louisiana Louisiana Economic Development, 2024
$600,000 Grant Received by LSU from the National Science Foundation for Cybersecurity Research Louisiana State University, 2024
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  • Education in the Cleco service territory significantly enhances the state’s capacity for tech companies and data centers through specialized programs and institutions. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s School of Computing & Informatics hosts the Center for Advanced Computer Studies (CACS), a research-focused arm offering master’s and doctoral degrees in computer science and informatics. This center plays a crucial role in fostering advanced technological research and producing highly skilled graduates ready to meet industry demands.

    Tulane University contributes to this landscape with its Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management, preparing students to tackle modern cybersecurity challenges. Additionally, Louisiana State University (LSU) has seen its computer science enrollment triple between 2013 and 2023, now boasting over a thousand students. This surge reflects the growing interest and investment in tech education, creating a robust pipeline of talent to support and expand Louisiana’s technology sector and data center infrastructure.

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  • Several compelling incentives for data centers from Cleco and the state make the Cleco service territory a prime location for technological investment. One significant incentive is the Louisiana Quality Jobs Rebate, which provides a cash rebate of up to 6% of annual payroll expenses for qualifying jobs, available for up to ten years. This rebate helps reduce operational costs and supports the creation of high-quality jobs. 

    Additionally, the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit program incentivizes job creation by offering Louisiana income and franchise tax credits to new or existing businesses that generate new permanent full-time jobs for one of four targeted groups. 

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  • A wealth of sites across Cleco service territory’s four regions await businesses seeking to grow their data center operations, with over 1,300 acres available across six prime locations. This includes a substantial 1,188-acre shovel-ready site adjacent to Beauregard Regional Airport and ample space for large-scale data center operations in the Lafayette Metro Region. These sites are strategically prepared to meet the demands of modern data centers — including on-demand backup energy, essential water supply for cooling equipment and comprehensive fiber availability.

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