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The workforce in Cleco’s service territory is diverse, strong and supported by an abundance of manufacturing, maintenance and engineering talent.

With one of the highest diversity indexes in the country and an above-average percentage of people age 25 possessing a high school diploma — specifically in the New Orleans/Northshore and Western regions — this state’s workforce is increasingly dynamic and well-educated. Also, boasting the top ranked workforce development program in the nation for more than 13 consecutive years — LED FastStart — Louisiana talent receives customized training by industry at over 10 local colleges and universities.

If you’re looking for a region with a talented workforce – and at a lower cost — one thing is clear: our workforce is ready to work for you.

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#1 Workforce Development Program For 12 consecutive years (LED FastStart) Business Facilities, 2022
2,334,643 Population Of Cleco's service territory. GIS Planning, 2023
618,343 Civilian Labor Force In Cleco's four-region service territory Data USA, 2020
37.5 Median Age In Cleco's service territory GIS Planning, 2023
61.1% Diversity Index Of Louisiana US Census, 2020
24 Colleges & Universities Across Cleco’s service territory National Center for Education Statistics
6,000 Degrees Awarded Annually By top 5 higher education institutions in relevant industry categories Newmark Study, 2022
About LA’s Workforce & Demographics

Our Quality Workforce Makes a Difference. See for Your Self.

  • Most workforce development programs simply train individuals and then send them on their way. LED FastStart is different — providing real-time, flexible, digital learning tools, quick start-up, custom-tailored training and around the clock support for companies. The program is open to qualifying Louisiana companies involved in manufacturing, digital media, R&D, warehousing, distribution, and general business operations. It has been the No. 1 workforce training initiative for more than 13 years according to Business Facilities magazine.

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  • Talent in Cleco’s service territory is young, skilled and ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Not only does Louisiana generally have a high workforce participation rate, but the Western, Lafayette metro and Greater New Orleans metro regions all have more than 23% of the population within the young working ages (18-34). And, with annual mean wages across all occupations, except production and distribution, generally below the national average, Cleco’s service territory supports the ideal environment for fiscal growth and development.

  • In the New Orleans Metro Region, Tulane University leads the region in the number of degrees presented in business, marketing and management, while in Lafayette Metro, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette awards the most degrees in computer sciences, engineering and technology and hosts the Cleco Alternative Energy Center, a future-forward research facility. With 24 colleges and universities extending throughout Cleco’s service territory, and a host of community and technical college programs supported by state workforce training incentives, there is no doubt that this workforce is an educated one.

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