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When chemical and plastic manufacturers choose to do business in the Cleco’s service territory, they are choosing to do business in an exciting, involved community that includes companies like Lonza Arch Chemicals and Eastman.

They are choosing to do business in growing regions, like the Alexandria Metro and Western region, that offer an extensive chemical and process manufacturing workforce, ample natural gas feedstock, convenient, connected interstates and water freight capacity.

The substantial labor force demands of the chemical and plastics industry also makes businesses that relocate or expand here strong candidates for customized incentive packages.

Fast Facts

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150+ Petrochemical Manufacturers In Louisiana Louisiana Economic Development
60,274 Chemical and Plastics Manufacturing Jobs In Cleco’s service territory (Including translatable skills) Newmark Report, 2022
#1 Manufacturing Sector In Louisiana (chemicals manufacturing) National Association of Manufacturers, 2022

Major Employers in the Chemicals & Plastics Industry

Opelousas, LA
Scott, Harahan, LA
St. Gabriel, LA
Monroe, LA
Industry Resources

Customized Talent, Assets and Support For Your Chemicals and Plastics Business.

  • A robust base of employees supports plastics and chemical plants in Louisiana, whether it’s the nearly 10,000 jobs in basic chemical manufacturing or the over 1,000 plastics product manufacturing jobs. Companies can easily tap into the existing pool of more than 60,000 workers within the Cleco service territory — including those with reliable skills and customized training from the nation’s top workforce training program, LED FastStart — to hit the ground running.

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  • Louisiana is in a strategic position for chemical and plastics processors, with access to railways, two deep water ports and six interstate highways —including Lafayette’s seamless access to I-10. Several biofuel facilities also exist throughout the state, providing opportunities for companies to form strategic partnerships.

  • Since 1959, the Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) has been a strong partner for the Pelican State’s petrochemical industry, providing advocacy in state government and ensuring the growth of businesses in the community. LCA’s experienced staff can also advise companies about health, safety, security and environmental concerns.

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