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As a privately owned, single-state electric utility company, Cleco’s economic development team are experts in Louisiana business at every stage, from inception to expansion.

Louisiana’s array of state-wide business support, including the No. 1 rated workforce development program nationally, is well-complemented by our future-focused incentives and programming. Cleco offers several rider agreements for rate reduction and discretionary incentives for electrical infrastructure and business purposes. And, by investing in innovative carbon capture and sequestration technology, we are focused on maintaining the most resilient and reliable electrical infrastructure for your business.

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#11 State For successfully growing and doing business Area Development, 2023
#10 Best State For business incentives Area Development, 2022
#1 Workforce Development Program For 12 consecutive years (LED FastStart) Business Facilities, 2022
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  • One of the biggest expenses for businesses is labor. LED FastStart removes some of the burden with free, customized training for qualified companies in targeted industries like advanced manufacturing, digital media and warehousing and distribution. Companies must commit to creating at least 15 new and permanent jobs in manufacturing or distribution, or 50 new positions in corporate headquarters, research & development, digital media or call center operations.

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  • Louisiana offers a range of incentives, from its Motion Picture Production tax credit of up to 40% on qualified in-state expenditures to its Quality Jobs programs with up to 6% rebate on annual payroll expenses for new jobs. The state also has several programs for small businesses, including a Small Business Development Program and a Bonding Assistance Program to secure reasonable rates from surety companies for public or private jobs.

  • Companies within Cleco’s service territory enjoy a range of additional incentive programs, including a $7 million deal closing fund for infrastructure improvements for existing, expanding and relocating businesses. Cleco also offers an Experimental Rider for Incremental Employment and Economic Development Service in which qualified customers receive a discount on electrical rates based on job creation or economic development.

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