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In Louisiana, investments in robust transportation and infrastructure make it simple to connect with your supply chain and move goods throughout Cleco’s service territory.

Six major interstate highways stretch throughout the state connecting Cleco customers to major cities like Dallas, Jackson, Tallahassee and Phoenix. Plus, connections to major infrastructure, like the Port of Lake Charles, Port of New Orleans, Lafayette Regional Airport, Alexandria International Airport and New Orleans International Airport, facilitate key national and global access to markets for companies in our service territory.

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1 in 5 Americans Are accessible within half a day Newmark Report, 2022
5 Of the Top 15 U.S. Tonnage Ports Are based in Louisiana CPCS, 2021
#1 Large Airport For customer satisfaction (New Orleans International, MSY) J.D. Power and Association, 2021
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Moving More Products to More Markets

  • Five airports in Cleco’s service territory support passengers and cargo handling. The largest of these, New Orleans International Airport (MSY) opened a new 972,000 square-foot north terminal in November 2019. The airport has garnered multiple awards and has paved the way for over eight million passengers annually and 1,700 acres for cargo and logistics.

    Alexandria International Airport served more than 113,000 passengers in 2020. And Lafayette Regional, located at the intersection of the I-10 and I-49 in Cleco’s clean energy corridor, has seen a 2.95% compound annual growth rate for cargo, representing a total 12% growth from 2019-2020.

  • Five Class I railroads and four intermodal connectors strengthen Cleco service territory’s cross-county access and support the region’s efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Locations like Beaver Lake Industrial Park, St. Joe Industrial Site and Northport provide strong access to networks in a state that is ranked No. 17 for the availability of freight railroads.

    Whether your business is agricultural and food products, chemical or auto parts, the Cleco service territory offers a substantial freight railroad network.

  • 14,500 miles of inland waterways connect the Mississippi River and multiple deep seaports included in Cleco’s service territory. From the Port of Lake Charles to the Port of New Orleans, companies benefit from world-class supply and logistics for grain, construction aggregates, full and partial container shipments and more. Port of New Orleans is also aligned with the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, which generates a comprehensive transportation management infrastructure.

  • Businesses in the Cleco service territory have access to six major interstate highways including the I-49 in Louisiana’s clean energy corridor which stretches from the northern to the southern parts of the state. And, the I-10, I-12 and I-20 which coordinate cross-country traffic from the east to the west coast.

    Whether a company has business in southern states, the Midwest or on the west coast, connected roadways in Cleco’s service territory facilitate access to their destinations.

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